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Over a Decade of Experience

Expert Advice from the Play Experts

The Play Experts at Big Game Hunters have been in the outdoor play industry for over a decade.

We are a dedicated and experienced retailer for all nursery schools, schools, colleges and any other educational or recreational organisation who need high quality commercially graded units. We have been providing high quality climbing frames to Schools, Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants and Parks for over a decade.

This web site is dedicated to assisting Schools, colleges and nurseries in choosing the suitable Commercial Grade equipment. We don’t limit our service to just schools – if you have a pub, restaurant or local par we can help you too. Wondering if you really do need a commercially graded frame? Click this button to find out why most schools and public places do…

Do I need a Commercial Climbing Frame?

Who Are We?

We are the Play Experts at Big Game Hunters because we have been designing and creating play equipment for both residential and commercial markets for years. We are a nationally recognised manufacturer and retailer of residential climbing frames and often get customers calling from schools and nurseries trying to purchase a climbing frame for their playground area. That is why we have created this site specifically for those people containing just the commercially graded climbing frames suitable for schools and other commercial environments.

Safety is Key

All the commercial climbing frames and play systems are easy to adapt to your school or commercial business needs. There are numerous elements that can be added to a frame including ramps, rock walls, climbing nets and accessories such as tic tac toe and bubble panels.

Off the shelf…

If you are looking for a popular style or design used by many schools, pubs, play parks then we have a few ‘off-the-shelf’ climbing frame systems for you. These include ships and play trails as well as the more traditional tower based systems.

We have selected a few ‘ready-made’ climbing frame models that are perfectly suited for use in schools and other commercial environments. All of the selected climbing frames comply with the BS EN1176 safety standards and meet insurers requirements. Click on the pictures at the bottom of the page or on the menu links to browse the school climbing frames.

Need something different?

Contact our climbing frame experts now

If you can’t find what you are looking for, have a look around our modular section at all the available clubhouses and add-ons that are available then contact us and we can help you build your bespoke frame. Or if you are completely stuck call us, give us your area dimensions and we will build something for you.

As well as offering lots of fun these units are designed to be educational and help to build up some of the following skills:

  • Co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Physical Strength
  • Social Skills
  • Imagination


Please click on the pictures below or use the link on the menu for more information on each one.


School Climbing Frame 1
School Climbing Frame 2
School Climbing Frame 3



Super Adventure Ship
Mega Adventure Ship


Play Trail One
Play Trail Two