School Play Trail Set 2

School Play Trail Two


Very similar to the Play Trail system One, but in miniature. A smaller set much more suited to smaller schools with smaller people, budgets or space! With the five elements you could reduce the cost and space further by swapping the inclined balance beam for a normal balance beam (saving £95). The balance beam is also much easier for little legs if the children who are to use this set are going to be quite young.

This set maintains a good variety overall – having both balancing and climbing with the beams and climbing wall.

This unit can be either laid around an existing unit or on its own and in the configuration of your choice.

The Play Trail systems comply with BS EN1176 safety standards and comes with a 15 year warranty on the timber.

This Combination has been installed on grass matting for added absorption on the ground.

Combination Includes:

Ladder Walk


Wobble Beam


Stepping Stones


Inclined Balance Beam


Rock/Ladder Wall


*all prices are exclusive of VAT, installation and delivery costs