Adventure Trails

Adventure Play Trails


Create a Challenge

These adventure trails are perfect for balance and coordination. Not only for younger children but they can easily present a challenge to older children too. You could space the equipment out a little more for older children – meaning they need to reach or stretch slightly further to get from one piece to the next without touching the floor.

A variety of ages

All the play trails and adventure trails pictured are design for children between 6 and 11 but as all play equipment on this site they are strong enough to take adults and therefore could be used in country parks or specialist colleges where adults are going to be using them.

If you want any of the adventure trail pieces scaled up or down this is possible in most cases – just ask when requesting a quote.

Interesting Shapes and Combinations

Play trails have the unique ability to fit into odd spaces or areas. If you have an extremely long and narrow area straight or otherwise – adventure trails can fit in creating a fun route to be followed. They can act as stand alone pieces of play equipment or as a journey to be followed – making them extremely versatile.

We have created a couple of trails for you, or you could easily create your own.

Click on the links to here to see our ‘pre-built’ sets:

School Play Trail One

School Play Trail Two

Pick and Choose

You could simply pick and choose the elements you want to combine to create your trail. You could have each piece space out evenly, in a line or as a ring. There are many different ways you can arrange the parts – feel free to contact us if you want some help or advice creating your trail.

We have separated the different parts into categories below:


Monkey Bridge - £575
Monkey Bridge - £575
The monkey bridge is a chain walkway suspended between two wooden ends - the bridge is 2.5m in length.
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Net Wall - £1450
Net Wall - £1450
The net wall is a double sided scramble net - suspended across a frame measuring 1.2m high by 2m wide. The net is made from a steel cord construction so is extremely hard wearing.
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