Fifteen Year Timber Warranty

Buying a commercially graded climbing frame means buying with confidence…

All Home Front commercial climbing frames and play equipment carry a 15 year guarantee against timber rot, decay and infestation of the timber.

In addition, there is a 1 year warranty against all other faulty materials, defects and workmanship.

What is a defect?

Wood is a natural product and as such is subject to the influence of the moisture content of the air and ground.

Sometimes cracks or splits may appear, but this will not result in weakening of the structural stability. These cracks and splits are minimized by the machining into rectangular sections and are more common in round section timber. Knots and grain variations are a normal component of all timber Climbing Frames.

Surface rust on metal components and slight splinters or splits in timber pieces are not considered defects


Please Note:

No guarantee claims arising from defective construction can be¬†entertained if the manufacturer’s recommended installation service is not used.

The guarantee is be limited solely to the equipment costs; carriage and labour costs are excluded.