School Climbing Frame 1

Image shows Jungle Clubhouse in a village setting, with a wooden roof, timber ladder, PE straight slide upgrade and two additional half walls.

With a 1.5m play deck height, this set is built using the Jungle Clubhouse. This is the most popular of all our systems as it is suitable for the widest age range of users. This climbing frame is best suited for use in a Primary School or a Nursery School and is perfect for those smaller playgrounds – making the most out of a smaller area. The clubhouse comes with two solid walls  – please ask for prices on accessories that can be added (e.g. climbing wall, cargo nets etc.) to fill the gaps. As with all of the climbing frame systems you can add or remove items as you wish – to make sure your establishment gets the play equipment that is just right.

This Climbing Frame has been placed on lawn friendly rubber mats adding a safer, shock absorbing surface beneath the frame.

The walls are constructed from 45mm x 130mm timber, posts are 90mm x 90mm.

The posts are concreted in for stability.

Combination Includes

Jungle Club House
Wooden Roof Upgrade
Wooden Access ladder
GRP Straight Slide* upgrade to PE as pictured for £200

Technical Specification

Total height: 3.4m
Height excluding roof: 2.8m
Tower footprint: 1.5m x 1.5m
Total footprint (for this arrangement): 4.5m x 1.5m

Cost of System*: £2070

Cost of System with additional walls*:£2380

Cost of System with additional walls & slide upgrade *:£2580

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Alternative Pictures and Dimensions:

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