School Climbing Frame 2

This Combination is based on two Canyon Clubhouses with 1.2m platforms connected by a bridge. This unit is ideally suited for use in a primary or nursery school due to the shorter platforms – we have included pricing below to ‘upgrade’ these to Jungle Clubhouses with 1.5m platforms which will suit slightly older children. There are multiple access points to the towers allowing for a variety of games and imaginative play. There is a bottom clubhouse enclosure for children to create a den inside as well as a rock wall and ramp to climb up and down. The platforms are a substantial size (1.5m x 1.5m) allowing a number of  children to play on the system at once.

The climbing frame pictured has been placed directly on grass here but you may want to look at safety surfacing if your ground is hard. The walls are constructed from 45mm x 130mm timber, posts are 90mm x 90mm and the posts are concreted in for stability.

Combination Includes

Canyon Club Houses x 2
Wooden Roof Upgrades (on both club houses)
Wooden Gang Plank
GRP Straight Slide
Bottom Club House Upgrade (on one clubhouse)
Climbing Wall
Wooden Access Ladder
Fixed Bridge

Technical Specification

Total height: 2.8m
Height excluding roof: 2.2m
Tower footprint: 1.5m x 1.5m
Total footprint (for this arrangement): 7m x 4.2m

Cost of System*: £5705

upgrade to Jungle club houses (1.5m platform) for £200*

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Alternative Pictures and Dimensions:

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