School Climbing Frame 3

This giant play centre is in a configuration that has multiple access points and a lot of play value all in a reasonably small area. The cargo net is a more challenging entry and exit point while the triple club house incorporates two play decks; one at 1.5m and 2.1m which are connected by internal mini ladders. The top deck can be kept completely closed in with outer walls if required for added peace of mind. The layout of this climbing frame can be adjusted to suit the needs and area of the playground, for instance it could be fitted with some of the entry points on the other side or you could have all of the towers in a long straight line.

This climbing frame combination pictured has been built around a border to incorporate as many activities in one playground. It makes the most of the area having everything pushed back means all the entry and exit points are all on one side as this was built at a garden centre. It therefore allows perfect vision of the children playing on the frame as they will mostly be on the side where the large open area is. It also prevents the frame from looking to imposing or taking up too much room.

Combination Includes

Mountain clubhouse (2.1m & 1.5m platform) with additional 1.5m platform creating a ‘triple’ combination
Three extra Jungle clubhouses (1.5m platforms)
Wooden Roof Upgrades (on all six club houses)
Two Wooden Access Ladders
GRP Straight Slide
Bottom Club House Upgrade (on one clubhouse)
Rock Climbing Wall
Cargo Net with Steel Rope
Two Fixed Bridges and one wobble bridge

Technical Specification

Total height: 2.8m
Height excluding roof: 2.2m
Tower footprint: 1.5m x 1.5m
Total footprint (for this arrangement): 8.5m x 11m

Cost of System*: £12,645

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