School Ship Climbing Frame

The Super Adventure Ship provides an eye catching and versatile focus for children’s imagination play. The adventure Ship has a 1.5m high bridge deck, which is accessed by a scramble net and a rock wall from the outside and by a bridge from the inside. Under the platform there is a 2m x 1.3m cabin. Benches run along the sides of the ship all the way along to the bow.

An additional tower is included with the Super Adventure Ship (connected via a walkway) for extra play value. This Ship has been installed into a Primary School playground, Wet pour Safety Surfacing has been laid down for safety, this has been chosen in blue to imitate the ship being on water to encourage imagination play.

The Super Adventure Ship pictured has clubhouses that have been reduced in height for smaller children.

If you are looking for something slightly smaller – you can ask for the Standard Adventure Ship which has just one tower, with a roof, slide, cargo net, rockwall, mast, portholes and anchors. This is only 1.8m x 9m and costs just £5225*.

Combination Includes

Super Adventure Ship
1 x Clubhouse with bottom clubhouse (choose platform height of 1.5m or 1.2m)
1 x Clubhouse with wooden roof (choose platform height of 1.5m or 1.2m)
1 x Bridge connecting the two clubhouses
1 x GRP Straight Slide
1 x Cargo Net
1 x Rock Wall (can be vertical or angled)
1 x Wooden Ladder
1 x Forward Bow section with mast
1 x Sail/Shade

Technical Specification

Total height: 3.4m
Height excluding roof: 2.8m
Ship Total Length: 13m
Ship Total Width: 1.8m

Cost of System*: £8520

Alternative Pictures and Dimensions:

*prices exclude VAT, for information on installation and delivery please click here