Full Installation Service

We can arrange a full Installation service across the UK. If you wish to have your climbing frame installed by a team of experienced fitters, the process will be carried out with care and professionalism from start to finish.

Depending on the location of the site there may be an overnight stay required but generally they to have all frames installed in one day.

Installation Cost

All installation charges will be quoted before the sale is finalised. Having the Climbing Frame Installed by our specialist supplier adds to your peace of mind knowing the frame is Installed correctly.

There are a few things other than the size of the equipment being installed that can affect the installation cost and we would ask you have the answer to these ready so we can give you an accurate quote. These are:

  • Your location
  • Site Condition

Is the site flat and readily available to install on? The supplier can charge extra if certain odd terrain or conditions make installation more difficult.

  • Access to site

Will a truck be able to get close to the place the climbing frame is going to be installed?

  • Water Access

Can the installation team access a water point for a hose to reach the installation site? Even better if there is a hose available to be connected!

  • Waste Disposal

Will you be able to dispose of any waste or would you require the installers to hire a skip?

Is there any old play equipment that will need to be removed onsite?

Delivery without Installation

Installing the climbing frame yourself or by someone other than the climbing frame manufacturer is possible, although not advised. The guarantees that come with the frame can be affected if the frame is not installed correctly.

We estimate delivery is usually within 4 weeks of ordering – but you will be advised of this when you order. Many things can affect delivery speed and cost as all the high quality commercial frames are made to order you can be reassured it is worth the wait.

All play equipment will be delivered to the site on a truck with tail lift. We would always recommend having two able bodied adults available to accept your order as the delivery team is not required to take it to the property and not necessarily the site of the frame – depending on where that is. We would also make sure someone is there with exact details of the order so everything can be checked off with the delivery team before they leave the site. Any missing or defected items should be noted down at time of delivery.

We have included a few tips below to assist you. All of the frames are delivered with all the fitting instructions and fixings required.

Building Your Climbing Frame Hints and Tips

  • Climbing Frames are large units, and although it is possible for one person to assemble on their own, we recommend two or more people
  • Allow sufficient time
  • Before you start, lay all of the parts out so you know what’s what
  • Lay your screws, bolts, washers etc out on a dry surface or in a container/carton to prevent losing them!

Be careful not to tip them on to the grass or building area as this is the easiest way to lose them!

  • Before fixing the screws, first drill pilot holes to avoid the wood splintering
  • You may also find it easier to make up the tower components horizontally before raising them upright
  • Most of the Climbing Frames allow you to arrange the components in more than one configuration. Plans with the dimensions of the various components are provided to allow you to draw up alternative designs

Try and ensure that children are kept at a safe distance when erecting the playcentre to prevent any accidents and to keep a safe working area.