Safety Surfacing

Safety Surfacing is a requirement for most commercial equipment to offer some protection to the children playing on the equipment.

Most of the Commercial units require a form of safety surfacing to comply with the BS EN1177 standards. Safety Surfacing is also recommended for the safety of the children using the equipment. The thickness of the safety surface depends on the height of the equipment, some equipment is low enough that safety surface is not a legal requirement but it is always recommended. We have a selection of different options available that meet BS EN1177 standards that should meet all the needs of the School, from the Eco friendly look to Wet pour. Please see below for more information on the different types we can offer.

Grass Mats – 1.2m x 1m mats that can be laid directly over grass, can be laid singually or meshed together to form a giant mat. The matts are designed to let the grass grow through the holes adding a natural look to the play area.

Wetpour – Great for large areas and can be laid in differnt patterns, this is delivered in a lorry and poured onto the ground, the patters are then formed into the tar. Most colour’s are available.

Playbark, – Loose bark chippings, which are specially designed to cushion a fall. Natural appearance and flexible.