Can I Use a Residential Unit?

In most cases, school play equipment needs to conform to commercial European safety standards (EN1176). Residential play equipment does have its own safety standards to comply with but these are in the toys and games regulations rather than playgrounds so the weight limit for swing (for example) is lower.

The playground regulations ensure the climbing frame equipment is robust enough for use in a school or public environment.

A residential climbing frame could make your Liability Insurance void, leaving you wide open to financial loss. Your insurance may require the equipment to comply with these regulations before providing cover so it is worth checking your policy before buying any play equipment for public use.

In some cases, residential climbing frames may suit the needs of your school – especially in nursery schools where the use is minimal and user weight very low. If you want to look at a high quality residential climbing frame range or other play equipment please go to your main website:

Big Game Hunters Climbing Frames

Commercial climbing frames and equipment are tested thoroughly before the manufacturing process begins and prior to delivery ensuring your equipment passes all of the relevant regulations.

Another consideration is that on most residential play equipment, warranties or guarantees will not remain if fitted into a commercial environment. If any part of the play equipment were to fail, most retailers would be unable to replace any parts under warranty.

Commercial Climbing Frames carry a specific Commercial Warranty which covers Schools, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels and Public Play Grounds.